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5 Ways to make sure you glow walking down the aisle!

I know brides are constantly under pressure to look "perfect" for their special day. Of course you want to look "perfect" too! But what does that actually mean? For some it means facials, tanning and countless hours staring at your reflection in the mirror.

This is what I tell all of my brides, prom girls and even myself.

1. Drink WATER

2. Exercise. When you feel good, you look good.

3. Moisturize. Don't tell me you have oily skin and don't need to, there are moisturizers out there for you!

4. STOP eating the greasy junky fast food. As a mom who works and is constantly doing stuff, I get it. But for the love of all this is holy, STOP!

5. Last but certainly not least, RELAX. Stress causes breakouts, redness and high blood pressure.

I love all of my girls and I don't want you to just have great skin and that healthy glow for your wedding or special event, I want you to always have it! So smile today, it looks freaking gorgeous on you!

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